Unexpected Choices
An exhibit showcasing the ways graphic design has explained products, expanded audiences, and built businesses.
Design and execute an exhibit that generates awareness for the West Michigan Graphic Design Archives, educate and entertain Ferris students, Ferris faculty, design professionals, and business professionals on the impact of West Michigan’s graphic design legacy, and show the long-standing relationship between Ferris State University Design Program and the Archives

In this project, I was responsible for assisting with project management, concepting the exhibit, designing the brand system, designing the exhibit space, and digital/physical promotional materials.
West Michigan Graphic Design Archives

Olivia Smith, Nathan Nye, Natalie Tang, Mallory Jarrett

Tools used
Figma, Figjam, Trello, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Dimensions, Omniplan, Slack, Zoom

Exhibit displays and promotional materials

Our Concept
Design isn’t about the dollar amount that it will bring a company; it’s about making an impression and the value that impression builds over time. Industries that recognized this were and still are visionaries for the future of design, having taken the initial risk with their investment in designers.
The changes in direction and intersecting type in the Unexpected Choices mark reflect designers finding new ways to create solutions that entertain and delight.
A poster series was created and posted around campus, using interesting crops to entice students to learn more.
To learn more about each company in the exhibit, how to visit the exhibit, and details on exhibit development, visit www.unexpectedchoices.com.
Evolution The header graphic is a video that evolved throughout the exhibit. Before the exhibit, we created videos of our 3D renderings to create excitement. As the exhibit opened, we added footage of individuals engaging in the physical space. My contribution to this website was determining the scope of the content and the UI.
Utilizing pieces in the exhibit, we created eye-catching promotional assets to drive traffic to the Unexpected Choices website.
I was in charge of setting specifications for typography to ensure consistency across print and digital promotional assets.
Our team worked closely with the owners of the West Michigan Graphic Design Archives to curate the projects and companies represented in this exhibit. 
Creating Entertainment and Delight As the majority of the audience members are students of Ferris State University who may not have a background in design, we wanted to utilize scale, shape, and color to entice students walking by to learn about the value of design.
This box display creates additional dimension in the exhibit space while also providing additional insight into how design creates value for businesses.

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